The sun shines a little brighter, our bodies become lighter of the weight of layers that confined us just few days past and the hitherto parse branches come alive with the colours of pretty pink and vibrant yellow; deep red and soothing lilac. It is spring.

And as if the world awakens from a deep slumber, shedding it’s coverings of multiple layers and gloomy days, everything an over cast. No more. Now it is bright, and vibrant, and colourful. It is all awake and lively. It is happy. Because it is spring.

Amber by Adaara is about capturing this feeling of spring. Of the prints that are images of the new bloom, of the colours that sing the colours of a lively nature. And of the happiness they bring to her when she dorns it. The joy it brings to those who see it being worn with such grace, with such beauty, with such love.

This is Amber, our official spring collection.

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About the brand


The visual journey of style meeting sophistication,

Adaara by Sunaila is a sustainable fashion brand, incepted to flourish in accordance with the dynamics of modern day fashion. Fuelling the indigenous art forms with a tinge of modernity has been a unique approach of the brand. Adaara breathes to transform the paradigm of the fashion industry by introducing the most authentic of India’s craft forms to the lot. With a myriad of collections, the brand caters to the most tasteful of voguish minds. Adaara is a home to unparalleled apparels, crafted with warmth, intricacy and sheer excellence.

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