“Every moment is a fresh beginning.”

                                                            -T.S. Eliot

The very first thought of introducing something new takes courage and passion towards your work and to the form of art you have mastered over a time. Adaara, as a brand has always envisioned to conceptualise sustainable and consumer friendly masterpieces that people love and remember. Similar to the previous collections, the new collection Willow has been designed to give fashion a new outlook and become every woman’s favorite fashion statement. Casual and breathable outfits are always loved and adorned at any time of the year and that makes Willow unique and a must have apparel for every woman.


Incepting from the vaults of exuberance, Willow reaches to every high spirited individual, reminding them to breathe the sweetness of life. It is an ode to freedom, to love, to beauty and to existence. The creative mind behind the birth of this collection has designed them keeping in mind all the needs and requirements women look out for while choosing an outfit. The designs, look, feel, colors, and style complement each other in such a manner that the person wearing it gets the best comfort and satisfaction at the same time. The journey of Willow is worth reminiscing about all the hardwork and dedication of months together that has gone into bringing out the aesthetics and adding new colours to the world of Adaara.

These tailor made outfits are made with light and airy fabrics like Georgette wraps around the body like a warm hug, giving you calm and cheerful vibes. Garnered with care and love, the brightest of colours were picked up from the palette to paint tints of our  Willow collection. Willow was christened to be the harbinger of growth and strength, its shades spread across existence, to remind us of the magnitude of beauty with brilliance. 

Fashion and trends evolve over a time, but living your own fashion style with our Willow Collection will make this journey worthwhile. Imprinted with the uniquest of motifs and intricacies, Willow radiates beach-y vibes, compelling you to get absorbed in the vacay mode. The feather felt touch on the body will free your soul, making you sway to the tunes of Willow.

 Written by Ardra & Shubhrali.