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Article: Inaara- A Confluence of tradition and style

Inaara- A Confluence of tradition and style

Innovating a style and instilling an element of life in it is a form of art that's worth admiring in Sunaila Manchan- the creative head behind the creation of many beautiful pieces of art. These are just not garments, but a surreal reflection of an emotion, a feeling of success and pride,hard work, dedication, and most importantly her love for her passion. Adaara by Sunaila is a gateway to conceptualise comfort and a sustainable fashion that sets new avenues for the growth of the brand. Personal experiences and observations are a great source of learning and inspiration on our way to master perfection which drove Sunaila to head on to her beautiful journey to introduce Inaara. 

Challenges are sometimes a boon in disguise and over the past one year we have witnessed it closely. With the onset of the pandemic, an unexpected switch in our lives and working pattern has made our lives take a full 360 degree turn from meeting our clients in person to scheduling our meetings online. But amidst all the switch and balancing, fashion is something that might have probably taken a setback and needed a much needed comeback. The world of fashion evolves depending on the changes and needs of the audience as it becomes important to be inclusive of everyone’s need and comfort while designing outfits. Keeping a similar approach, Sunaila realised that work from home culture requires a fashion twist that people might have forgotten to think and that’s where the thought of Inaara took life. Inaara personifies inner glow and light and these refreshing hues and designs were chosen with the intention of giving your work from home style a never thought fashion vibe. 


The pink city of India, Jaipur is a bounty of culture and heritage that turned out to be a stepping stone in the conceptualising of Inaara. Inaara radiates zeal and passion that a woman desires to have in her work from home go-to style. The impeccable tradition of Jaipur still lives through the weaves and threads of the artisans’ craftsmanship. The ethereal traditional printing styles like block printing is the defining identity of this city and Sunaila turned them into the building blocks by keeping the essence of traditional printing untouched in the work of Inaara. This exquisite collection is a journey of finesse and dedication that took approximately a year to come to life in its true form. Ayodhya has been a home and also an inspiration to Sunaila as the designs are a clear reflection of all the women of Ayodhya and their fashion needs. From weaving tradition to innovating different styles, this collection definitely marks another milestone for Sunaila. 

Rooting from the tradition of Jaipur, Inaara has been a dedication to all the hard work and passion of the artisans making it a very special collection that one can ever own. With a thoughtful process and finest of intricacies like crochet work, Sunaila has added a lining of personal touch to this collection to accentuate its beauty. Crafted with the softest of cotton fabric, these outfits will be the highlight of every occasion. A choice of comfort and style, Inaara will be your ray of hope and light. 


Written by Ardra.

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